How To Repair Corrupted Video For Free

Creating and uploading a video is not that difficult. But sometimes, if you want to see it on a camera, it can’t be played back, it’s slow, blurry, damaged, and so on. Since MP4 is not the only video file format, the problem may be due to a different format. Changing the file format or … Read more

15 Powerful Font Pairing Tools

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Top 10 Free Manga Drawing Software –

With the Manga Draw software you can quickly make changes and make drawings with one click. In fact, the manga is a comedian or an anime made by the Japanese. You can’t get all the manga drawing programs for free, but you can get them on trial. If you’re drawing with a manga software or … Read more

Best Trackpad for Windows- Top Rated Picks For You

The trackpad has been replaced by a mouse, providing a more comfortable and natural experience for users. The reference plane is flat and elongated, so you can control cursor movement with your finger as you glide across the surface of the trackpad. You can perform multiple tasks with faster movements than with a mouse. As … Read more

A Deep Dive Into Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2

Scuba diving with Razer 7.1 V2Thiamate In the original May 2012 issue, Razer placed 10 individual speakers, which mimic surround sound speakers, in earpieces for accurate sound positioning. In July 2017 he released an update of this immersive sound experience in the form of Tiamat 7.1 V2. More than just a surround sound system wrapped … Read more

The New iPad Air Is The Best Tablet For Most People

Many waited for the new iPad Air, and September made it possible. For many people, the new look of the iPad is the way, as new features are added and some people use tablets, is determined by Apple’s iPad line. Although the price is a bit inflated, it has a bigger screen, a louder sound, … Read more

8 Best Non-Touch Screen Laptops

Are laptops without touch screens still worth it? In this rapidly evolving technology, touch screen laptops are becoming the best choice for artists, design enthusiasts and anyone familiar with 3D models. You can easily operate your touchscreen with a stylus that makes your fingers lighter. But the non-touch screens are still worth it. In a … Read more

System Mechanic Review: Pro and Ultimate Defence

Mechanical inspection and system evaluation $19.98 Name: System Mechanical Suggest a price: 24.97 The coin: USD The operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7. Category of application : Useful Features Productivity Interface Prices Synthesis System Mechanic is a comprehensive tool for PC optimisation, data protection and security with many functions. There are … Read more


If you need instructions to correct the typo that only appears on the blue screen, please read this article. The most common nightmare for Windows 10 users is the blue screen of death. There are many types of BSOD errors. This includes ATTERIORIZED ROM ACCESSORIES. If your computer shows you this BSOD, it can also … Read more