Best wireless charger for LG G6 – Get the perfect charger in 2020

What a wonderful world we live in!

Technological progress surprises us more and more every day. Take, for example, the development of the phone. A heavily wired device that had to be walked on has become a small handheld device without which there is nowhere to go! By the way, his charger evolved with him!

Remember you had to leave your phone alone for a while while while it was charging? Ah! It’s time to charge our cordless phones and decide when we need them. The wireless charger is still quite new, but has become a must for many users.

If you are an LG G6 user and are looking for a good wireless charger, then you have come to the right place.

Quick guide to the best wireless charger for LG G6

Before we went through our expert kits, we thought we could draw your attention to one small thing. When searching for chargers, you will find various articles, including quick chargers. Fast cargo is a squeaky word these days, yeah. But you have to understand that the LG G6 isn’t for that. So no matter which wireless charger you buy, the speed is the same. All you have to think about is choosing the Qi charger over the PMA.

Best wireless charger for LG G6

1. Wireless Anchor Charger – PowerWave Pad

Anker is a leading manufacturer of reliable wireless chargers for the iPhone, Samsung devices and LG Qi mobile phones. This particular PowerWave Pad is a popular choice because it is packed with features and delivers exactly what it promises. Let’s take a good look:

  • It features a high-quality chip that works miraculously with all the devices activated by Qi technology. It also has a load capacity of 10 W and 5 W, so it can be used with various devices in the house.
  • The charging panel has an LED display to update the charging status information.
  • We like the fact that the wireless charger is business friendly. This way you don’t have to worry about removing the protection from your phone every time you want to charge it. The only thing that applies here is that the body must be less than 5 mm thick.
  • You will receive a micro USB cable and a welcome guide with the charging cradle. An adapter is not included.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty of 18 months.

2. Wireless charger –Qi certified

This charger from YooTech is currently one of the bestsellers. It is very nice and is available in beautiful color variations. Besides, he’s doing exactly what he promised. Here are some of the features we admire:

  • It has 3 different chargers and a different phone service. This saves you having to purchase a separate charger for each phone in your home.
  • The charger works with a multifunctional and intelligent security technology that makes it very safe to use. It protects against voltage spikes and short circuits. This also ensures good temperature control.
  • Made of fire retardant material and UL-certified.
  • This is a sleep comfort feature that allows you to turn off the LED display when charging your phone at night.
  • A USB C cable and a user manual are also included.
  • YooTech has complete confidence in its product and therefore offers a lifetime replacement/refund guarantee for its device.

The advantages of

  • Ease of installation and use
  • It’s not getting warmer.

3. Belkin Wireless Charging Station

Belkin is a well-known company that sells high quality electronic accessories. As the market for wireless chargers developed, Belkin was the market leader in sales of large chargers. This special wireless charger is one of his bestsellers. The reasons for this are the peculiarities.

  • This elegant and well made charger is available in white, black and pink gold.
  • Supports wireless charging of all Qi-compatible devices.
  • Includes power supply and 5-foot cable.
  • It can be loaded by plastic sleeves with a thickness of 3 mm or less.
  • The charger is designed to provide excellent shielding and precise resistance to interference.
  • It has an LED display that also detects strange and incompatible objects.

4. Certified Wireless ChargerSamsung Qi

Yeah, it’s a Samsung product. But don’t be afraid! It is designed to be compatible with all Qi compatible phones, not just Samsung phones. These are the reasons why you should buy this charger:

  • It’s universally compatible. This means that it charges each device with qi.
  • The charger is equipped with a built-in fan to prevent overheating and related problems.
  • The LED display makes it easy to understand the charging status.
  • Including wall charger and USB-C cable.
  • This compact charger takes up very little space on your desk.

5. Mophie – Qi WirelessCharger

The newest product on our list is Amazon’s Choice. The Mophie wireless charger was recognized as an excellent choice because of its power and ability to work very well. Let’s take a good look:

  • It is very practical and easy to use with all Qi devices.
  • It has a durable, non-reinforced, non-slip 360 degree TPU coating.
  • It is recharged through contact, so there is no need to search for the right place on the platform.
  • When stationary, it provides minimal power in standby mode.
  • It has a safety circuit that prevents charging.

The advantages of

  • Temperature control
  • Good design

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! These are some of the best wireless chargers for the LG G6. You won’t make a mistake with any of them. The final choice depends entirely on your preferences. Then compare them and choose the one you like the most! If you have any problems, please leave a comment and we will help you.

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