How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft

Hi friends, in this article you will receive a Minecraft tutorial. And in this tutorial, I’m going to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to create a command block in Minecraft. In the Minecraft video game, control blocks are very useful because they have the ability to bend the world. In Minecraft, you must first take a control block, then program and activate it to make it useful to you.

How to get a command block in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game, and the video game was released by Mojang in 2011. It was made by the Swedish developer Markus Persson. In 2014, Microsoft acquired this Minecraft video game. It is the best-selling video game with more than 180 million copies sold on all platforms. This video game has about 120 million active players per month.

If you want to introduce a novice programmer, Minecraft is one of the best ways to do that. Anyone can learn how to create and use command blocks in Minecraft. It’s really easy to learn, and Java programming with Bookcat plug-ins and Minecraft mods. It’s a very cool and fun place for programmers who are just starting to learn.

What are control blocks and their use in Minecraft?

The control block in the Minecraft game has an extensive function. And you don’t get this feature in every version of Minecraft. Once you have an order block in your inventory you can configure and program it with an order. Any command executed in the chat window can also be executed from the command field. You can do complex and amazing things in the game, just program your control block to do it.

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A unit capable of executing commands is called a command unit. Indeed, Survival mode cannot be achieved without cheating, and is mainly used in custom maps or multiplayer servers. The command can execute a lock command when it is activated by the Redstone force.

How to get a command block in Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, command blocks are incredible objects that can execute commands as long as they don’t receive energy from Redstone. Console commands executed by control blocks when powered by Redstone. With the Minecraft command block enabled, you can actually use it to create your own useful tools, fun toys or even complex adventure maps.

  • First you need to launch Minecraft by double-clicking the icon and then clicking Play when it opens.
  • Then click on the single-player mode. You can find it at the top of the Minecraft homepage. You can also choose the multiplayer mode here, but then you have to set it up on your own server before continuing.

  • In the lower right corner of the window you will find the option Create a new world, click on it. If you have already created a world, click on that world and select Play and go to the Press / step.

  • Enter your world name. Do it in the World Name field.
  • The next step is to double-click the Survive button in Game Mode. Then the game mode changes from Hardcore to Creative. This is necessary because the control blocks are only used in creative mode. However, you can also distribute a command block in survival mode (this is possible), but it will not be placed or used in any way.

  • Click on the option More people at the bottom of the window.
  • Click on Cheat. After that, cheats don’t look like cheat codes anymore, which means that cheats are enabled for your game and don’t affect your profile. If this option indicates that cheating is already allowed, then cheating is possible in your world.

  • Click on the Create New World button that you see at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Press /. And by pressing the slash on the computer keyboard, the control console appears on the screen.
  • Type command_block into the console. Make sure that the name of the player on the team is replaced. For example, if your name in the game is potatoSkin, enter the command potatoSkin_block here.
  • Then press ↵ Enter. The command is then executed and you have a command block in your hand.
  • Now you can put him on the ground. Right-click on the floor with the control unit mounted.
  • To open the command block window, right-click on the command block.

  • Enter an order here.
  • Change the conditions in the control block. You can choose who should change the conditions in the control block:
    • Pulse – Click on the pulse to activate the circuit that controls the unit after it has passed. The device executes its command once by right-clicking.
    • Unconditional – Pressing Unconditional changes a condition and does not run the block until a block follows.
    • Redstone Requirement – If you want to bypass the Redstone requirement, click on the Redstone requirement to always activate the device.
  • Click on Finish. Your control block is now set.

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