How Do You Know Whether Your Instagram Direct Message Has Been Read

In this day and age, social media has revolutionized communication. A popular platform is Instagram with its appealing visuals combined with functional features like Direct Messages (DMs). But how do you recognize when your DM was read? Don’t worry, because we provide an in-depth guide on managing DMs! This tutorial will show you the fundamentals … Read more

[9 Methods] Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

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4 Best Ways To Check Internet Speed 2021

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Auto-Update for (private) Android apps –

Development issue/problem: I am developing a non-public Android application, which means that the application will not be available on the global Android market. The application is installed on a limited number of customers, e. B. with an apk file. How do I enable the automatic update function in this application? I see several possible options … Read more

9 Phones We Are Looking Forward To Buy In 2021

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Indonesia Startup Ecosystem – Exclusive Year End Analysis – 2020

Bookmark(0) Log in to favorite No bill yet? Login Indonesia, one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, has experienced rapid growth in its start-up ecosystem over the past two decades. Thanks to government support and special funding for technology start-ups, Indonesia has accelerated its progress in the digital economy. Despite the emergence of the … Read more

Windows 10 on Macbook: Installation Rules

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10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops under 600

Which gamelaptops for 2021? Gaming laptops actually need heavy specifications. By heavy specifications we mean that you need a quad-core processor or Core i5 or i7 processor, which is best for data storage, and a better graphics card for games. Also i5 is still considered as the best cpu for gaming as well a very … Read more

Solved: Printer Stopped Working After Windows 10 Update

Earlier this week Microsoft released updates for Windows with several security improvements and bugfixes. But this has led to printing problems for many people. Several users complain that the printer stops working (printing from the PC) after Windows 10 is updated, or that documents cannot be printed after Windows 10 is updated, or that the … Read more