How Do You Know Whether Your Instagram Direct Message Has Been Read

In this day and age, social media has revolutionized communication. A popular platform is Instagram with its appealing visuals combined with functional features like Direct Messages (DMs). But how do you recognize when your DM was read? Don’t worry, because we provide an in-depth guide on managing DMs! This tutorial will show you the fundamentals … Read more

5 Biggest Cyber Attacks of 2020 (So Far)

Het jaar 2020 is in veel opzichten opmerkelijk geweest, met name wat betreft de toename van cyberaanvallen. De Covida 19-pandemie bood een ongekende kans voor cyberaanvallen om de IT-infrastructuur van organisaties te hacken en in te storten. De huiswerkmodule die in deze organisaties wordt gebruikt, gaat gepaard met een toenemend aantal cyberaanvallen. De veiligheidskloof tussen … Read more

Intel Formally Announces Iris Xe MAX Graphics, Deep Link

Laptop vendors have recently released Xe MAX graphics in the form of discrete Intel graphics that will appear in laptops in the coming weeks. The announcement was somewhat unexpected and Intel did not inform the media in advance, while today – in an unusual announcement made on Saturday (Intel says it coincides with the appearance … Read more

Best Alternatives to Adobe Reader on Linux – Linux Hint

Since ancient times, books have been man’s best friends and have played the role of leaders and philosophers. Books have always been there to inspire people and help them broaden their horizons and open up new avenues. As Neil Gaman says, a book is a dream in your hands. Recently, however, print books have lost … Read more

First two i.MX8M Plus SMARC modules break cover

The Seco SM-218 and Adlink LEC-IMX8MP SMARC 2.1 modules run Linux or Android on NXP’s i.MX8M Plus AI compatible system with up to 8 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, Dual GbE, PCIe Gen3 and optionally -40 to 85°C. The first two SMARC 2.1 form factor modules with the NXP i.MX8M Plus SoC have been released, … Read more

New Zoom Features Tackle Meeting Disruptions

With the extension of the weekend, we have introduced two new features aimed at solving problems related to the session breaks. The videoconferencing platform faced many setbacks in 2020 after many security problems were identified in the context of the global acceptance of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, federal regulators say the company misleads users … Read more

10 Best Concealed Carry Laptop Backpack in 2021

The best hidden backpacks have some of today’s best features. Talk about the possibility of having multiple compartments to take out some of the practical things you need every day. We look at some of the best hidden backpacks to make an informed purchasing decision. * If you buy through links on our website, we … Read more