Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone Review

There is no doubt that the Blue Yeti Nano microphone is very easy to use and configure and can record sound in exceptional quality and without delay. The device really is a great purchase for home audio producers and gamers who want to broadcast their adventures online.

The Yeti Nano Blue is available in different colours, including this excellent option called Red Onyx. This microphone is also compatible with PC and Mac computers.

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The blue Yeti Nano microphone is made of the same aluminium alloy as his older brothers. The Blue Yeti Nano is solidly developed and has an incredible weight with always unusual stylistic accents. You will notice the elegant black and blue chrome logo on the top front plate of the microphone. The detachable aluminium stand is carefully weighed and painted grey to match the microphone. The microphone stand is bold but sophisticated and has an unusual design and support. When the microphone is in the stand, its angle can be very easily adjusted with the two handles on either side of the microphone.

The Nano Sasquatch is not as cylindrical as its other brothers. It has a more aerodynamically rounded rectangular shape, which seems to be designed for high speed driving.

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It is available in four different colours, each complemented by a good matt metallic effect. It comes in red onyx, Cuban gold and bright blue. They all look great and also enhance podcasting on the go and the appeal of streaming. This microphone looks good for the camera. Even if they are used in interrogations, they will certainly be impressed.

On the front of the microphone there is an attractive black multi-function button for adjusting the volume. Press this button to mute the microphone. There is also a luminous ring in the hilt that glows green when it is in use or red when it is switched off; it is nicely made in the hilt and works without any problems.


The Yeti Nano weighs with its standard 1.39 pounds. A standard yeti weighs 3.4 pounds. For example, if you specialize in local shows or if you have to go to a friend’s house to record the last episode of your fan podcast, you’ll be grateful for its small size and weight.

On the back you’ll find a button with a polar pattern that has two small lights on each side to indicate the polar pattern (cardioid or omnidirectional) you’ve chosen. On the bottom you will find a micro-USB connector and a 3.5 mm plug for low latency headphones, as well as a standard thread for an optional Radius III impact mount or for connection to the boom arm. The Yeti Nano is perfectly built, and it can be said that every detail has been designed and manufactured to perfection.

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The Yeti Nano and all his brothers offer you a professional sound with a minimum of adjustments. Although this is a personal preference, we are sure most people will say that there is something missing in the way the Yeti Nano catches the singing.

The Blue Yeti microphone is easy to install and is ready to use as soon as you plug it in. You need to download the Blue Yeti Sherpa software. But the level is more than enough to start recording right away.

The Blue Yeti Nano has only two recording patterns (omnidirectional and kidney-shaped). On the other hand, Blue Yeti Blackout and Pro have four recording models.

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The classic microphone base contains two capsules of cardioid microphones that have been tuned and upgraded for exceptional recording results. With 24-bit/48 kHz recording capacity (much larger than Yeti, Yeti Studio and Yeti Blackout), the Yeti Nano offers high performance for streaming, podcasts and other recordings.

Some people specifically want to spend $99 or less to look more professional and don’t want their audience to tolerate the singing of brass or pop music or the distortion of the oral cavity. And that’s what the Yeti Nano has been offering you from the beginning.

This does not give you a set of polar patterns you can play with like the Yeti X. The Yeti X has four polar patterns: Cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional and stereo – with four capsules.

The absence of polar patterns in the Yeti Nano will only deter those who want to connect their USB microphone to the home recording application on which it is installed – a compromise, as XLR microphones will work better.

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Dimensions (lying in frame, Dh Shh W) 4.29 x 3.78 x 8.31 inches (10.9 x 9.6 x 21.1 cm)
Weight (microphone and stand) 1.39 pounds (0.63 kg)
Polar models cardioid, omnidirectional
Frequency range 20 Hz-20 kHz
Headphone amplifier impedance 16 Omens
Sample/bit rate 48 kHz/24 bits
What’s more. MicroUSB to USB cable, removable stand, boom arm adapter

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First-class streamer microphones, however, are clearly inferior to XLR studio models and take up a tenth of the price and are well suited for use. The Blue Yeti Nano is an exceptional model in this market, surrounded by its more expensive siblings, thanks to its almost identical sound at a reduced price.

If you can live without a few directional patterns that most people don’t use, the Yeti Nano is a standard vocal microphone that’s more comfortable to wear.

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