Discord Text Formatting Guide – Change Chat Text Color & Style

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Are you here because you’re wondering how your friend is shaping the lyrics in a disharmonious way?

The disagreement is a fortress of solitude for the players. If you’re a gamer, you know there’s no fun without a challenge!

Disagreement offers some basic characteristics, but why leave it at that?

Gaming professionals use colors and bold text to make their words stand out. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s very simple.

Let’s see how you can print like a professional in disagreement!

How does text formatting work in case of disagreement?

A transcript is used when formatting text in the Inconsistencies section. Markdown was launched in 2004 as a lightweight markup language with a simple text syntax.

Originally Markdown only supported HTML, but now it is used everywhere. You can see the formatting used in online discussion forums, readme files and when creating rich text with a simple text editor.

To mark blocks of code, Discord uses a JavaScript library called Highlight.js. We’ll discuss the details later in the blog post.

Text formatting in the absence of harmonisation: Basic types

Are you ready to boost your textual discord with different styles?

The basic styles of text formatting in Disord include

  • bold text
  • in italics
  • Bold and italicized text
  • Text underlined
  • strikethrough text

How to select italics in a disharmonious chat

Add an asterisk (*) before and after the text you want to italicize under the differences. Asterisk – Shift + 8 on a normal keyboard.

Let’s see how we’re italicized in the disagreement:

*Italian text! Text in Italian!

It’s important: Make sure there are no viewpoints between the asterisk and the text.

How to write bold text in discordCat

To make the text in the ‘Disagreements’ section bold, place two asterisks (**) at the beginning and end of the text. Press Shift + 8 on the keyboard to get an asterisk.

In the following example, the text in bold is shown in action.

**Bold text** in section

How to italicize the text in a disagreement chat (bold + italic)

Once you’ve tried the bold and italicized style, the bold and italicized style is easy to remember. Three asterisks before and after the text.

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Just add bold and italic and voilà!

Here is a bold and italicized text in the disagreement chat.

*** text in bold and italic*** as opposed to .

How can I delete text in a chat room?

It’s pretty cool to use roadblocks in chat rooms. You can use crosshairs in the text by adding two switches (~~~) at both ends of the explanation.

The squiggle key (~) is located in the upper left corner of the keyboard.

Let’s look at an example of strikethrough text in a discussion about disagreement.

~~ Sketch ~~~~ in .

How to add text to a substrate in a disagreement chat

To emphasize contradictory text, simply add two underscores (__) at the beginning and the end of the explanation.

You can enter an underscore by pressing the Shift + Minus (-) key on the keyboard. (See the on-screen keyboard below).

Here is an example of disharmonious underlined text.

Underlined text _ in case of disagreement

Mixing and matching text styles on disk

You now know how to mark text in bold, underlined, italic and crossed out. If you want to go further, add different characters (asterisks, underscores and switches) to have even more fun!

In the example above, we did something similar with the text in bold and italic.

Textin bold and capitals

Let’s start with the text in bold and underlined. We just insert two asterisks (**) and two underscores (__) for the word.

Bold and underlined text**__ contradict .

Italic and underlined

To select and highlight a block of text, simply insert an asterisk (*) and two underscores (__) before and after the text.

__* capital letters and underlined text*__ contradictory

Text in bold, literal and italic

Combining two styles in the same SMS is fine, but why not three different styles in the same text?

It’s very simple. We simply add three asterisks (***) and two underscores (__) at the beginning and end of the text.

Let’s see how to make the same text bold, underlined and italicized in the Inconsistencies section.

*** Text in bold, italics and underlined *** do not agree .

How do I skip the layout if there is a difference of opinion?

Now you’re probably wondering, what if I wanted to send the star myself without formatting!

Good question and very simple!

To skip formatting in Discordance, just use a backslash for each character.

Here is an example to see a backslash in action

__***Let’s see everything!!***___

However, if you have backslashes at the beginning of the text, you can ignore them at the end. The result is the same as in the following example.

__***Let’s see everything!***___

If your text does not need to be highlighted, a slash at the beginning of the text will suffice!

***Asterisk only***

Coloured text and code blocks informat

Do you want to write like a professional in disagreement?

This is (almost) impossible without entering colors in the text.

Colours bring the message to life and add contrast and concentration where necessary.

Let’s see how useful it is to add colour to a chat.

Units with one-line code

You can create a one-line block of code by inserting backlinks (`) before and after the message.

Nowadays many people confuse an apostrophe with a donkey. To avoid confusion, you will see an image of a keyboard with a key marked in red with a check mark on the screen.

The PS. touch key is located (with scribble) in the top left corner of the keyboard.

Now that you’ve placed the trackbacks on the keyboard, we’ll move on to the one-line code blocks.

In the following example, a one-line code block is shown in the Inconsistency section.

Multi-line code blocks

Multi-line blocks are similar to single-line blocks, except that instead of a backtick (`), we use three backtips (`) before and after the operator.

The advantage of multi-line code blocks is that you can divide a message into multiple lines.

Here you will learn how to save multiple blocks in Diskord:

The first line of the multi-line codes gets stuck in disagreement!
The second line of the multi-line code block in disagreement!
The third line of the multi-line code block in disagreement!
The fourth line of the multi-line code block in disagreement!

You can insert any number of lines in the multi-line code block. Even a whole poem, if you want!

How do you write a coloured text in case of disagreement?

The most expected demand!

Colored text in disagreement.

Because Discord does not have a built-in backlight, we have to make extra effort to format.

Thanks to this guide, you can write the selected text in no time.

Limitations on the formatting of colours in the Agreement

The colour layout in Discordance is far from perfect. In some text styles, your statements must relate to each other. However, it is not the same in all languages.

One cannot write to say more about the authoritative words: I’m the set.

You have to write it as a sentence from Iama OF I_am_a_Satz.

Why is this restriction applied in certain languages?

This is because we encode in a programming language and we emphasize the syntax to make the text stand out. In some cases, colors are stored in a variable that should not contain spaces.

Let’s start by colouring in the disagreement to see the concept in action.

Syntax in section

In the ‘Agree’ section you must specify a specific language by entering the name of the language. You can select one of the many languages supported by Diskord to highlight the text.

Here is the complete list of languages supported in Discord. https://highlightjs.org/static/demo/.

Pay attention: Syntax highlighting is not available in the Discord mobile application.

How to write in red in-Diskord

Red syntax accent withdiffuse

For Diff, red backlighting is easiest. It’s all you have to do.

  • Define the code block (““).
  • Diff (name of the language).
  • Add a hyphen (-) for approval.

is a code block in red

Hint: You can use uppercase and lowercase letters for the language name.

Syntax in red with CSS [Orange]

To set the CSS syntax to red

  • Define the code block (““).
  • CSS (name of the language).
  • Place square brackets before and after a pronunciation or word.

[This is a code block in red]

How to write a yellow text in case of disagreement

Yellow syntax with brackets

The yellow syntax in Fix is simple. You can even write a multi-line operator without additional characters. That’s the way to do it:

  • Define the code block (““).
  • Set (name of the language).
  • Write your request in the code block!

Multiline Text Correction



Yellow syntax with Apache [No spaces]

The yellow syntax with Apache is a bit complicated. Normally you can’t write a statement. To write a message, you need to add connection symbols (e.g. an underscore).

  • Define the code block (““).
  • Apache (name of the language).
  • Add a percentage sign (%) before and after each entry, as well as curly parentheses.
  • You can’t use spaces between the words. Each space is replaced by an underscore (_) in the sentence.


How to write green text inDisco

Green syntax with diff

The syntax in green decreases with the red Diff light. The only difference is that you use a plus sign (+) instead of a minus sign (-).

  • Define the code block (““).
  • Diff (name of the language).
  • Add a plus sign (+) to the application.

+ code block – green!

Green syntax with CSS

The green syntax in the CSS is simple. Just define the code block, the name of the language and start typing your message!

  • Define the code block (““).
  • CSS (name of the language).
  • Start writing a message in the code block!

Green text with CSS!

Syntax in green with bash

To mark the green syntax in bash, the sentence must be between quotation marks. That’s the way to do it:

  • Define the code block (““).
  • Bash (name of the language).
  • Enter your message in quotes ().

Green text block with bash!

Green syntax with JSON

The syntax for green backlight in JSON is the same as in bash. Just change the name of the language.

  • Define the code block (““).
  • JSON (name of the language).
  • Type the message and add it in quotes ().

Green text block with JSON!

How to write a blue text in case of disagreement

Syntax in blue with INI

The syntax for blue backlight in INI is the same as the syntax for red backlight in CSS. Simply add brackets before and after approval.

  • Define the code block (““).
  • The initials (name of the language).
  • Put your message in square brackets.

Syntax in blue with CSS [without spaces]

Here is another highlight of the syntax without spaces. To underline blue in CSS, you must link each word in the sentence to the next word with underscores.

  • Define the code block (““).
  • CSS (name of the language).
  • Start writing a message from a period (…).
  • Make sure that all spaces are replaced by underscores.

. Blue_no_spaces_text_block

How do you add a block quotation to a disagreement?

Extra pop-up messages can be very annoying!

You read the message and have no idea what your friend is talking about. This can lead to missed deadlines, confusion and general misunderstandings.

In order to solve this problem, we have block numbers. You can use the quotes in the ‘Disagreements’ section to quote a previous message to another person.

There are now two ways to use quotation marks: one-line and multi-line quotation marks. In the next two paragraphs we will discuss the one-line and multi-line citation blocks in detail.

Single line quotation marks

As you can see from the name, one-line quotes are used to quote a single-line text. Let’s see how fast you can do it!

> One-line block quotes!

To continue typing the message, press Shift + Space (repeatedly) to exit the quotation block.

> One-line block quotes!

Here’s the rest of the message.

…and more!

Multi-line quotations

Multi-line quotation marks extend over several lines, not just one.

To create a multi-line block of quotes, you must add three (>>>) additional characters to the beginning of each block.

>> Hi, guys.

Hello again!

Spoiler Tags

Don’t hate it when you browse through messages and bam! Here’s a spoiler for the next episode you wanted to see tonight!

How do you say SPIRIT WARNING in the language of discord?

There’s a pretty creative way to hide disagreement messages, spoiler tags. By adding the spoiler tag, the reader only sees a shiny grey or black box on the screen.

Are you interested?

Let’s take a look at the spoiler labels, so everyone can have endless fun without spoilers!

To mark the text as a spoiler :

  • Add two vertical lines (||) before and after the text
  • /Add a spoiler for the spoiler message

spoiler tags withvertical lines

This allows you to mark a message with two vertical lines before and after the spoiler as spoiler.

| Spider-man was bitten by a spider |

You can also hide part of a message as a spoiler (instead of a full explanation). That’s the way to do it.

| Spiderman| was bitten by a spider

It’s important: You cannot use spoiler tags within code blocks.

Spoiler tags with ‘/spoiler’

This method is much more interesting than the vertical line method.

You can say spoiler (it has its own sensation!), but there is also a downside to it. This method cannot mark any part of the message spoiler.

/Spoiler Spider-Man was bitten by a spider

How do you read the spoiler markings?

It’s easy to see through the curtain.

Click on the message and you can pass it on.

Don’t forget!

There’s no turning back! Once you look inside, you can’t hide it anymore!

Text formatting with international keyboards

We discussed the formatting of texts on traditional QWERTY keyboards, but people use many different versions in different regions.

We will cover some additional international keyboard provisions to avoid confusion.

Keyboard type Key combination Important place
The German language Move + [+] Law of the country
Spanish (Spain) Move + [+] Right key ^
Spanish Move + [+] The right key?
Italian Move + [+] Right key yes
Swedish language Displacement + ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Right button Ä
French (France) * (Judge key ù%)
French (Belgium) Travel + $. Right key ^¨
French (Switzerland) Displacement + 3

If you are using one of the above keyboards, please check the list above!

Main results

Discrete text formatting is not easy to remember, but you do get used to it.

You just don’t have to remember all this. Keep the account open and check it from time to time. In a few days you’ll probably be typing like a pro!

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