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Development issue/problem:

It’s the output of my Gradle console, I can’t build my project.

D:Android Projects….appsrcmainreslayouttopic_view_header.xml
Error:error: resource attr/???? (also known as -Packagename- :attr/ ????) not found.
Wrong: Wrong: Resource attr/ ???? (also known as -Packagename-:attr/ ??) not found.
Wrong: Wrong: Resource attr/ ???? (also known as -Packagename-:attr/ ??) not found.
Wrong: Resource attr/ ???? (also known as -Packagename-:attr/?) not found.
Wrong: Resource attr/ ???? (also known as -Packagename-:attr/?) not found.
Wrong: Resource attr/ ???? (also known as -Packagename-:attr/?) not found.
Wrong: Poor linkage of file sources.
java.util.competitor.executionException: : AAPT2 error : Check the logs for details
Error:java.util.competitor.ExecutionException: AAPT2 Error : Check the logs for details AAPT2 Error : Check the logs for details

Error : The execution failed for the task ‘:app:processDebugResources’.
> ArtInformation:BUILD FAILED in 27sInformation:11 errorsWarningsInformation:0 failed.

Android Studio 3.0 RC 2

How can this problem be solved?

Decision No 1:

Update 2 (Follow this approach)

You don’t have to do this now. Instead, fix all the mistakes. It’s just a detour until he’s removed. Then you still have to correct the errors manually.

Try updating the Gradle plugin to version 3.3.0-alpha06 to see if this solves your problem.

Update 1 :

Problems with non-ASCI characters have been fixed in AAPT2 and Android degree plug (hurray!). Instead of disabling AAPT2, you can now simply use the Android Gradele plugin version 3.2.0-alpha11 or later, and you won’t have to process this bug anymore.

Initial reaction

Aapt2 is enabled by default when using the Android plugin for gradle 3.0.

The point is…

A gradual improvement

as it says here.

However, if you experience problems, you can return to the previous version by adding it to


Decision No 2:


A new version of the Gradle and Android plugin is available to solve these problems.


buildscript { dependencies{classpath ‘’}}

Degree of packaging.



Switching off the AAPT2 only masks the real problem.

Please note that AAPT1 may be removed in the future, so you will need to use AAPT2. In fact, the guide to migration is not difficult to follow because you don’t see so many changes at the same time, but at the same time it is future proof.

Element Hierarchies in the Android Manifest
In earlier versions of the AAPT, elements embedded in wrong nodes in
of the Android Manifesto are either ignored or a warning is given. Take the following example:

So first check that you follow the correct structure of the manifesto, as shown below.

Manifest file structure Below is a code fragment that shows the general structure of manifest file
and any elements of it. Each element, as well as
and all its attributes, are fully documented in a separate folder.

. . .

. . .

. . .


Decision No 3:

I had an error in the XML format. So check your xml mark for errors.

Decision No 4:

Check the Degrees Console tab in Android Studio (the default setting at the bottom right). In my case, such mistakes have been made:

C:UserJozef Bar??k.gradlecachesttransforms-1.1appcompat-v7-25.4.0.aard68bb9d2059935a7891196f4dfb81686resdrawable-hdpi-v4abc_ic_menu_share_mtrl_alpha.png : The file hasn’t been recovered.

Error: java.util.competitor.ExecutionException: : AAPT2 error : See logs for more details
:app:mergeDebugResources FAILED

I have solved the problem of installing a diploma user at home without spaces or special characters :

C: Android.gradle

You can customize it by setting the path to the service catalog in the Gradle Settings dialog box. In my case I had to delete the old .gradle directory in the previous location and restart the android Studio.

Decision No 5:

My problem was the name of the image file with the .9.png extension. I changed the ending to .png and the problem disappeared. I got a clue from a batch tracker in the Gradle console: At the top is the message Execution failed for task :app:mergeDebugResources and at the bottom –$NotifyProcessOutput.out.

I look forward to the day when Gradle will release more useful bug reports…..

Decision No 6:

I just had a problem when I tried to use datalink and layout tag statement. I know it’s a bit late for that, but for the benefit of all those who have experienced this problem, I have solved the problem after so many attempts, and in your master plan, if you don’t use the data link, let’s say you do.



and just place it on your layout label (i.e. if you use the data link).

And hopefully it works. android.enableAapt2=false didn’t work for me, so I have to delete everything and try to find out why I got the error when I tagged and used datalink, so I found a solution. I hope this helps.

Decision No 7:

I have the same question here. As @Izabela Orlowska indicates, this problem is probably caused by special characters in the path (Android granny files, sources, etc…).

For me, all the problems had to do with the fact that the file contained the name ří. Be careful not to carry any special symbols with you when travelling. Deactivating the AAPT2 is only a temporary solution. The path to your project contains non-ASCII Android Studio icons.

Decision No 8:

I corrected the error in three steps
1. I checked to see if there was a
2 problem. If the character/text is correct, it is CAUSE
3. I put the project aside, you’ll find it under BUILD.

Decision No 9:

Since AAPT(1) support will become obsolete at some point in the future, it would be good to find out the cause of the error you reported.
Can you send us the content of the file appsrcmainreslayouttopic_view_header.xml?
Starting with question marks, you may be using non-ASCII characters, with which AAPT2 still has some problems. If these are really non-ASCII characters, follow the error at

Update: The problem is solved with the Android Gradele 3.2.0-alpha11 or later plugin.

Decision No 10:

Major upgrade

Do not add this line like any other answer to the project. Because this number
has already been solved in the new versions of Gradle.

You can update your version of build.gradle to the latest version in the build.gradle file at project level.

buildscript {dependencies{//if available, choose last classpath ‘’}}}.

and a diplomatic envelope. Features

// select the latter if
distributionUrl= is available.

That’s it! Synchro and run, bingo!

Additional information Android documentation

If you add, you will receive a warning android.enableAapt2=false.

A WARNING: The android.enableAapt2 option is obsolete and should no longer be used
. Use android.enableAapt2=true to remove this warning
. It will be filmed at the end of 2018.

Good luck!

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