If you need instructions to correct the typo that only appears on the blue screen, please read this article.

The most common nightmare for Windows 10 users is the blue screen of death. There are many types of BSOD errors. This includes ATTERIORIZED ROM ACCESSORIES.

If your computer shows you this BSOD, it can also show you the disable code as 0x000000BE. This blue umbrella may appear suddenly when you’re working or playing. It may also appear before Windows is fully booted up. Depending on the situation, you can take steps to solve the problem. This article describes how to fix the attempt to write to the Windows BSOD ROM.

What were the reasons for trying to write on the blue screen to remember it?

Most errors on the blue screen are caused by faulty drivers on your computer. This BSOD is no different. Sometimes Windows itself can mention the name of the defective driver on the BSOD screen. Sometimes you don’t see it. But in most cases ntkrnlpa.exe, vhdmp.sys, win32k.sys, tcpip.sys, iusb3hub.sys, ntoskrnl.exe, ntfs.sys, dxgkrnl.sys or atikmdag.sys etc. will result in a read-only writing attempt.

There may be other reasons for this problem. But these are the most common. However, this blue dead man’s screen only appears if a faulty driver tries to write to the memory segment, but it is write-protected and cannot be used.

There may be other reasons for this conflict on your computer. But in almost all cases you can free yourself from that blue screen of death.

How to correct the entry in PERSONAL MEMORY

Here are the best methods you can use to try to solve this problem.

1. Driver update/version

You may need to update or reset one or more specific drivers to correct the write protection of the blue screen. It depends entirely on the situation. If you have recently updated the driver and then the BSOD appears, you can perform a rollback. If this is not the case, consider updating the driver.

You can use Driver Booster or Driver Easy or Outbyte Driver Updater to update the drivers. These tools can easily update any driver with a single click. However, if you want to update manually, you can read this article: How to update the drivers

Pay attention: All drivers must be updated, in particular the graphics card and the NVIDIA/AMD/Intel network card.

The tools mentioned above are sufficient to reset the driver to the previous version. However, if you want to do this manually, follow these instructions.

  • First open the Windows Device Manager.
  • Then right click on the driver and go to its properties.
  • Now go to the Driver tab and click on Invert.
  • Come on, finish the mission.

I hope that these elements are sufficient to correct the RESTRIGHT MEMORY.

2. System repair

Performing a system repair can be a very fast solution for this BSOD. If you’re not sure what kind of mess you’ve made on your computer, restoring your system can be a relief. If you’re lucky, she might be able to correct the attempt to write it in memory.

However, if you are not familiar with system recovery, please read the following: How to perform a system restore in Windows.

3. BIOS Update

Your computer’s BIOS firmware is such that you do not have to deal with frequent updates. In most cases you don’t have to update them. But sometimes a BIOS/UEFI update can help you solve BSOD problems, such as trying to write to read-only memory and other security-related problems.

But if you don’t know how to do it, read it: How can you update your BIOS/UEFI motherboard?

4. BIOS Reset

Have you recently made any changes to your BIOS settings? This could be the reason why you have seen an attempt to write to_read_memory.

In this case, you can cancel the changes or reset the BIOS settings. The corresponding instructions can be found on your PC/motherboard manufacturer’s website.


This blue death screen may appear due to disk problems. Therefore, it is best to run the chkdsk command to solve common hard disk drive/SSD problems. This can also correct the attempt to write to ROM.

Read it: How to use the CHKDSK command

6. Diagnostic Tool Start memory

Many DSOBs are caused by storage problems. This NOTE may also be due to memory problems on your computer. So I suggest you arrange a few things so there are no memory problems. He can also fix this BSOD.

Read it: How do you find memory problems and how do you solve them?

7. Reset analysis of file

I don’t think you have to use that method. But if none of the above methods help, this is a good way to correct the attempt to write code to the memory stack for read-only.

During the configuration, your computer can create a dump file that contains all information related to BSOD. If you analyze this information, you can easily find a damaged driver or service that caused the problem. You can then update/browser/install/uninstall the driver and take other necessary steps to correct the blue death screen.

For full instructions, read : How to create and analyze a small memory dump file

These are the best ways to correct the error that occurred when writing to the blue read-only memory screen. I hope each of these methods will help you. However, if you know of other methods that can help others, you can mention this in the comment field.

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