How To Get Free Data On Airtel-Free Airtime Hack

Buying data is always a failure, but we will reveal the trick to get free data through the Airtel line.

Recently there was a popular rumor that Airtel Nigeria was hijacked by the anonymous hacking group after many subscribers received airtime from N1000. Instead, the telecommunications company denied allegations that its database had been hacked by the anonymous hacker group, which showed that it was simply compensation for the network failure experienced by subscribers on 17 March. October 2020.

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Double twist with Airteldata

Did you know that Airtel Nigeria limits its subscribers to many good things, from data to airtime offers? Think about it.

When I bought an Airtel line, I didn’t know I was spending money to buy monthly data, which didn’t last a week until I discovered something that I will reveal to you soon. Even when I started enjoying that trick, they still followed me with restraint, isn’t that crazy?

But it was only a piece of cake, I managed to reach the Golden Gate after all. I will now explain to you in detail, at the very bottom, how you can obtain a doubling (X2) of your data with each purchase.


For most new smartphones, you can receive a system message stating Did you know that new smartphones can benefit from a 100% data bonus at Airtel for up to 6 months? This means you can get 3 GB for N1000 only, 7 GB for N2000 or even 1.5 GB for N500 only.

You have now seen that the message indicates that the bonus is only valid for 6 months and that at the end of this period you will no longer be entitled to a free bonus.

I understand that in reality it may look bad, just like after my first six months, but with this position we bypass all unreasonable limitations and maximize the offer for life.

Send GET first to 141 and wait for Airtel Network’s response. After a few minutes you should receive a message from Airtel stating that you can now receive 100% of your future data purchases.

Second step

Once the first step has been taken, the only question that remains is how we can continue to enjoy this freedom for the rest of our lives.

Remember that when you want to buy data, always type *141# and enter the answer 1 on the request for reply page, which is called My Offer. This method should be used because it is a valid offer you received from Airtel Network and you will never be credited if you use the purchase details on the quick reply page, so don’t forget. Please note that this offer is only valid for 6 months and you will never receive it again if you do not follow step 3.

Third step

Finally, let me tell you that Airtel Network never wanted you to know. After the 6-month grace period, you will no longer be able to receive offers on the Airtel line.

But don’t worry, sit down and have some coffee while I ruin it for you as an amateur. To continue using this offer, send the term GET again to 141. You can get the message that you’re not entitled to an offer, but you can ignore it because it’s all nonsense.

If you have done this, use the commands below each time you wish to purchase data via Airtel Line.

*141*1000# = 4.5GB

*141*1500# = 6GB*

*141*2000# = 9GB*.

*141, 2500 = 12 GB… *

*141*3000# = 16GB *

*141*4000# = 22GB*.

How do you get free Airtel-free Airtime Hack data?

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