Recover Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite

Learn how to easily restore deleted files: Photos, videos, contacts, SMS and more with the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star and A9 Star Lite!

Revision : Every user is faced with the problem of data loss, whether it’s a new phone or an old one. Even if you have deleted or lost your valuable data on your Galaxy A9 Star or Galaxy A9 Star Lite for whatever reason and now want it back, you have reached the right website. On this page you will find effective solutions to help you recover lost or deleted data from the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite.

Expert advice : One of the best and fastest ways to recover lost/falsified data from the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite is by using the world famous Android professional data recovery software.

With Android Data Recovery you can do that easily:

  • Recovery of lost, missing, deleted or formatted files from Galaxy A9 Star (Lite).
  • Retrieve all kinds of data such as photos, videos, contacts, call logs, text messages, calendars, WhatsApp chats, audio, documents, and more.
  • Recovery of lost or deleted data due to reset, accidental deletion, forgotten password or PIN or pattern, broken screen, water damage, black and white screen, flash ROM, rooting, system error, and so on.
  • Extract files from the phone’s internal memory and an external SD card.
  • Preview of all recoverable files in the software for final recovery.
  • 100% safe, reliable and user-friendly.

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Samsung has already built up a good reputation in the mobile industry. Today, Samsung phones are used by many users around the world. They have launched numerous smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star and the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Lite.

Although these phones are very functional and amazingly designed, we also know that every expensive or cheap phone has the same problem of data loss. So let’s first find out what caused the data loss on the A9 Star/A9 Star Lite Galaxy.

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How do I delete data from my Samsung Galaxy A9 Star or Galaxy A9 Star Lite?

When we lose our data, this moment is very annoying because the data of each user is very important to him or her. The users wanted to recover this data, but they don’t know how. But before you venture into a recovery solution, you need to know the cause of the data loss.

Some of the most common causes are listed below:

  • Accidental deletion of files.
  • The ROM went up in flames.
  • Restore factory settings without saving.
  • Water damage.
  • Screen closed.
  • The system has collapsed.
  • A virus or malware attack.
  • The screen exploded.
  • Problem with the battery.
  • And so on and so on…

Not only are there the reasons mentioned above, but there are other reasons that can cause you to lose data from your device without your knowledge.

So let’s look at the recovery methods you can use to recover your data deleted from Galaxy A9 Star (Lite).

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Solution 1: Recover data deleted from the stars of the Samsung Galaxy A9 (Lite) from your Google Account

For example, if you have saved your Galaxy A9 Star or A9 Star Lite phone data in your Google Account. For example, in the backup of your local phone, in the Google Photos application, or in Google Drive, you can easily restore data that has been deleted from the backup.

Part 1: Step to recover deleted data about stars in galaxy A9 (Lite) from Google Account

If you have a built-in backup on your Galaxy phone, you can restore photos, videos and other data from your Google Account.

  • Go to Settings > Personal > Backup and Recovery > Automatic Recovery.

Part 2:  Step to recover lost photos from Google Photos appGalaxy Star A9 (Lite)

The Google Photos application is another way to retrieve photos and videos from your phone. If you delete photos, they go in the trash. From there you can pick up photos within 60 days. After 60 days it will be permanently removed.

Below are the steps for retrieving photos of the A9 Star (Lite) Galaxy from the Google Photos application:

  • Open the Google Photos application on your phone.
  • Press Menu and then Garbage or Recycle.
  • Select the photos you want to return and click Restore.

Part 3: Galaxy A9 (Lite) Recovery step Deleted photos, videos or documents from Google Drive Backup

If you have backed up your Samsung Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite photos, videos or document files to Google Drive, you can easily restore the files from the Google Drive backup:

Follow these steps to restore photos, videos and documents from your Galaxy A9 Start (Lite) from a Google Drive backup:

  • Open the Google Drive application on your phone or visit the Google Drive website.
  • Sign in to your Google Account and you will see all the files you have downloaded.
  • You can now select the photos, videos or documents you want to restore and click the Upload button to restore them.

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Solution 2: Restore deleted data from Galaxy Star A9 (Lite) without backup

Another method to recover lost data from Galaxy A9 Star or A9 Star Lite is the use of Android Data Recovery, the appropriate software from Samsung Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite Data Recovery recovers data without the need for backup. This Galaxy A9 Star data recovery tool allows you to restore deleted data from the Galaxy A9 Star (Lite) directly without backup.

This Galaxy A9 Star Lite is a professional data recovery tool that can recover files such as images, contacts, text messages, WhatsApp chat history, videos, audio files, call logs, call/voice recordings, voice memos, music, notes, calendar and other files.

The best and most important part of this tool is that it retrieves files from the internal memory of the phone, the external SD card of the phone and the phone that is broken. The software is available for Windows and Mac computers.

This recovery tool not only works for Galaxy phones, but also supports other brands such as Huawei, HTC, Google Pixel, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Sony, LG, etc.

This software can also recover files in the following cases: water damage, broken/broken screen, black/white screen, flashing ROM, forgotten PIN code/model/password, crashed system, factory recovery, virus attack, rooted Galaxy A9 Star (lite) phone.

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Steps to recover lost files from Samsung Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite

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Bonus: Backup and recovery of Galaxy A9 or Galaxy A9 Lite

Because we all know that data loss can occur at any time, you need to take certain preventive measures in advance to prevent unwanted data loss. You should therefore back up your phone on a regular basis to prevent it from being accidentally deleted.

An easy way to back up your Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite data with the Android Data Backup & Restore Tool, which helps you back up all your Galaxy data to the PC. And if there’s a data loss on your phone, you can easily restore data from your Galaxy phone backup.


I hope that after seeing this message you will be able to recover deleted or lost data from the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star or A9 Star Lite.

I mentioned above two effective solutions to recover lost data from the A9 Star or A9 Star Lite Galaxy. Follow solution 1 if you have a backup and solution 2 if you don’t have a backup, you need to use Android data recovery software because it recovers deleted data from Galaxy A9 Star/A9 Star Lite without a backup. And don’t forget to read the bonus tips.

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