Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards 2020 Winners Announced

The fifth edition of the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards was presented last night during a virtual award ceremony in a socially isolated environment. These prices are not for products, but for people working in the field of cyber security. From the best ethical hackers and rising stars in cybersecurity to the best security awareness campaign and coveted Security Sponsor, these categories reward individuals and teams who work hard to protect the UK from cybercrime while raising security awareness.

The free event provided an opportunity for the British cyber security industry to meet, socialise and make new acquaintances, with a short award ceremony by Brian Higgins, security specialist and diversity defender at Comparitech, and Yvonne Eskenzi PR, co-founder of Eskenzi. To liven up the event, a cocktail master class was also organised by Stir Crazy, and the winners received trophies that they can proudly show off at home or at work.

This year it may be more important than ever to honor the cyber security experts who kept us all going during the lockdown, according to Yvonne Eskenzi, main organizer of Serious Security Week, and Yvonne Eskenzi, co-founder of Eskenzi. The lack of computer skills is a big problem for this country, and an event like this really shows how important the industry should be and what great people are doing it. Our fantastic virtual awards night was made possible thanks to our great sponsors, so we could have the best party to attend or join for free.

The Heroes of Oblivion Award, which starts with IT security guru Askenzi, PR, Smile, Friday and IT, is supported by sponsors KnowBe4, Protiviti and Qualys, who made it possible to hold this event completely free of charge.

The full list of winners, first nominated by their peers and then judged by a panel of experts including Dan Raywood, Associate Editor of InfoSecurity magazine, Sue Milton, SheLeadsTech Ambassador to ISACA, Brian Higgins and Yvonne Eskenzi, is complete:

Leader/mentor for safety

The winner: David Chan is an entrepreneur in a Cylon residence.

Cyber recorder

The winner: Davy Winder is a freelance technical writer.

Thank you very much: Raf Miwiss is the author of Cyber Simplicity.

Enhanced security awareness campaign

The winner: Zigenta for CV-19

Apprentice / Rising Star

The winner: Ben Chater is a junior security analyst at Pinsent Masons.

Thank you very much: Madeleine Howard – Siegenta/Qinam

Dear teacher

The winner: Tony Scully is the founder of dressCode.

Safety promoter

The winner: Pat Ryan is the founder of Cyber Girls First.

Best Ethical Hacker / Pen Tester

The winner: James Mullen is a senior security consultant at Edgescan.

Data storage

The winner: Dominic Hartley – Department of Labour and Pensions.

DevSecOps Guide

The winner: Didar Gelichi is a specialist in data protection and cyber security.

Master Compliance

The winner: Ian Bernhardt – Head of Management and Compliance at Sprout IT

Safety fuses

The winner: Chaney Simms and the SHe CISO team

Mayor of CISO

The winner: Emma Leith is CISO in Santander.

KOVID Heroes (new this year)

The winner: Lisa Forte is CEO of Red Goat Cyber Security.

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