Set up Postman on Ubuntu 20.04 – Linux Hint

Developing an API from scratch can be a long process. The administration could not be less heavy and demanding. It is a comprehensive project that requires strict control and dedication and covers a wide range of life cycle processes. Fortunately, we have a factor that makes us better.

Postman is a tool for creating an Application Programming Interface (API) and automating its testing, publishing and management. From its humble beginnings as a browser extension, it has gradually evolved into one of the preferred platforms for collaborative API development. The postman is compatible with almost all commercial operating systems and with Linux.

This guide shows you how to install Postman on Ubuntu 20.04 and how to work with Postman.

How do I install Postman on Ubuntu 20.04?

We will download Postbode for Ubuntu 20.04 with the software and distribution system called Snap. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Snap is a stand-alone software that makes it easy to archive and install. The best thing about snap packages is that they have a low maintenance cost because they are automatically updated and maintained.

The official Snap-in Factor package is available directly from the developers. To request and install the snap package for the postman, start the terminal and enter the command below:

The sudo-snap installation factor

The download and installation are checked against the output data.

If you update the packages yourself, remember that the developers are responsible for updating the packages. So, if developers stop updating snap-in packages for any reason, you will have to check for new software updates yourself.

You can also use the factor in your web browser as an extension.

First steps by a factor of

Now that we’ve set up the postman, let’s take a look at his basic functions.

Start the program by going to the search bar and typing Mailman, and then clicking the icon.

At the first start a window appears in which the login details of the user are retrieved. Since you have just installed the application, you can create an account or skip the sign-up process and try it out. However, we recommend that you create an account because you will bypass the synchronization and backup options that require you to log in with your account.

You should learn more about letter carriers at the Letter Carrier Training Centre. But let’s see how to request JSON by sending a GET request to the REST API active on the network.

Click on the jsonplaceholder API link at the following URL:

Set the request type to GET and then press the Send button. You must receive a JSON file with user lists.


The factor is well accepted by API developers because of its testing capabilities. With Postman, API developers no longer need to enter and run unnecessarily complex code to start testing their API.

This tutorial shows you how to install Postman under Ubuntu 20.04. Your next step should be to learn more about its use in the Postal Training Centre. Read more about input methods such as PUT, PATCH and DELETE and how to send them by post. See also how different API development tools work with Postman.

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