Zip Pay vs. Afterpay | Which One Should You Use in 2020?

Deferred or subsequent payment

Due to the growing popularity of the purchases now being paid for, they can hardly be neglected. After we get Clarn v. After Afterpai it’s time to publish another similar blog post. Zip Pay is available in several countries and, like Afterpay, is developing rapidly. How are the two different? The blog post discusses both options in more detail, as well as the issue of zip-payment on delivery (2020).


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Fast zipper for comparison after payment

Below you will find a short comparison table of Zip Pay and Afterpay.

Characteristics Zip code After payment
Availability Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States
Original boundaries 200-1000 dollars $200-500
Login E-mail, telephone, credit and debit card E-mail, telephone and debit/credit card
the use of integrated  integrated
Adulthood 4 weeks 6 weeks
Frequency Weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Every two weeks.
Minimum payment 40 (first amount) 25% full payment
Missed payments 5 per month 10 for a missed payment


Payment by post and offer availability

Both options are available in minimum countries. Zip Pay is only available in Australia, New Zealand and now also in the United Kingdom. It will take over the American company QuadPay, which is currently paying the purchase to become active in the United States, but this has not yet happened. However, some U.S. websites offer Zip Pay as a payment method. According to the official Zip website, 19,000 merchants offer Zip as a means of payment.

Postpaid service is available in the United States, Great Britain (Clearpay), Australia and New Zealand. In recent months the company has grown considerably and has done business with several dealers. Currently, more than 48,000 merchants offer the post-payment service as a means of payment.


To register for both, you must be at least 18 years old. The registration procedure for Zip Pay is somewhat complicated. You’re asking:

  1. Electronic mail
  2. Telephone number
  3. Account or debit card details (for credit cheques)

There are no fees to open an account, but you can ask for a small fee to verify the account. You have to have a good reputation and in some cases you have to earn at least $300 a week to get a license. Signing up for Afterpay, on the other hand, is easy. You’re gonna need it:

  1. Electronic mail
  2. Telephone number
  3. Debit/Credit card

As soon as you provide this information, Afterpay will charge a small fee to check the payment method.


Postcode and payment request barcode for in-store purchases

As with the recording, the usage is the same. To use Zip Pay online, you can choose Zip Pay as payment method. During payment, a new window will appear in which you can log in by entering your account details. You will see certain information such as your account balance, minimum payment, etc. Before you proceed with the payment, you will receive a code on your phone to make sure it is you. The transactions are then processed automatically.

To pay in the shop, generate a barcode in the application. The time barcode is then scanned by the cashier and the amount is deducted from your Zip account.

An additional option offered by Zip is the BPAY option. BPAY is a payment processing system that can be found almost everywhere in Australia. They can pay energy bills and university fees, pay debts with credit cards and even pay fines. The Zip Pay system offers this possibility, but under certain conditions. If you are a BPAY with your account, you usually don’t pay too much. For example, if the bill costs $32, you pay $32. Zip charges a fixed amount of $2.5 for each BPAY transaction. It also does not support all dealers.

With Afterpay, online and in-store use is the same as with Zip Pay, and BPAY is not supported. Sometimes Afterpay will charge the first payment just before the transaction, and if for some reason the request cannot process the payment, the transaction will be refused.

Limit values

Postal ceilings | Postal website

With the restrictions, the conditions are a bit different. Zip performs a credit check before proposing a limit. If you have a low score, you get less than $500, and if you have a high score, you get more than $500. The maximum amount you can receive with Zip Pay is $1,000. If you have a lower limit, you can request an increase after a certain period of time. They also propose to raise the limit if you have the right to do so.

Afterpay does not perform a credit check, but initially offers only $500. It is not possible to increase the limit, but after multiple purchases the limit is automatically increased. The maximum limit for subsequent payment offers in Australia is $1,500.

Take a look at this: What’s Zip Pay and money?


This is where the equation gets complicated. Zip Pay offers flexible conditions that allow you to use months for the refund. However, you will have to pay the indicated minimum amount per month. If you use the money, you have 30 days to pay for free and after 30 days you will be charged $6 per month. If you can’t even pay the minimum amount, you have to pay another $5 a few days after the payment deadline.¬† You can pay weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

After payment, the first instalment will be invoiced on the first day and the rest every two weeks. If you have missed a payment, you will be charged $10 and if you are unable to make the payment within seven days, you will be charged an additional $7. The subsequent payment does not show user evaluations, but late payments can increase the limit.

Which one is yours?

I suggest we use Afterpay. What for? Well, Zip works like a credit card, and when you request a credit card or a new credit card, it’s taken into account when checking your credit score. Afterpay is used for personal purchases that do not belong to Zip. But if you think you can come up with the money soon, why don’t you sign up for both?


Sign up for Zip Pay and get $5 to $10 free.

Zipper Pei

After payment


The comparison between Zip Pay and Afterpay included the essential features of both systems. I hope that helped you distinguish between them. Send me your comments and subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.

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