15 Best TinyPic Alternatives In 2020

TinyPic is a photo and video sharing platform that enables customers to share, exchange and store photos and videos over the Internet. Sometimes photo albums on large social media platforms are not the ideal way to share and store our photos.

As the web becomes more visible, you can use platforms like TinyPic to share and store your favorite photos. But if you’re tired of storing photos on TinyPic, here are some decent alternatives.

The 15 most common alternatives

  1. Flickr

Flickr is an online platform for sharing photos and videos. To be more precise, Flickr can help you organize the huge amount of photos you have in your possession. Interestingly, this gives you and your family members the opportunity to tell stories in these pictures. It is a unique platform for sharing and storing photos. Flickr also has a number of features that may be of interest to you. From organizing photos to uploading files directly, you have the freedom to do more with your photos. With the integration of IFTT, Flickr is one of those photodivision and storage platforms that have practical use.

2. Imgur

If you are looking for a good alternative to TinyPic, Imgur can be perfect. It’s a free and easy to use image hosting and retouching platform where you can fully express your creativity. Please note that the maximum size of images you can upload to Imgur is 20 MB. Again, it is important that all unrated images and videos do not exceed 200 MB. When using the platform for the first time, the image size may be limited. In addition, Imgur is available free of charge for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.

3. Google Pictures

Thanks to the auto-save feature, which is standard on all Android phones, you simply cannot view Google photos. Since everyone has a Google Account, creating a Google Account is fairly simple and easy. You can also download the Google Photos application to your Android device and iOS to store an unlimited number of photos. Your photos are automatically synchronized across multiple devices and accounts. You can also use Google Photos to edit images. The more you use it, the more it learns about your usage patterns. It sets up photo albums according to your habits.

4. Photobox

Photobucket is another reliable platform for storing and sharing photos online. This is one of the best alternatives to TinyPic because it has a simple user interface. The use is 100% free, but sudden announcements can sometimes be quite annoying. If you want a frictionless experience, you should opt for an ad-free subscription. Initially, you get 2 GB of storage space for photos. Another important aspect of the Photobucket is that it is completely safe in nature. There are no underlying safety issues.

5. Smuggling

This is another good alternative to downloading and hosting images. When you sign up for SmugMug, you create a flexible photography website. In SmugMug you will discover different types of designs. With these designs and layouts, your photos will stand out from the rest. In other words: SmugMug is an online platform specially designed for experienced and amateur photographers. You can also opt for their paid subscription, which offers you several advantages. SmugMug offers various options, from choosing settings to using different highlights. You can also sell your photos directly from SmugMug.

6. 500px

500px is a good alternative to TinyPic. This is a popular social network for budding photographers who want to share and sell their photos. However, 500px does not allow you to post your photos directly to other social networks. One of the characteristics of the 500px highlight is the flexible structure of the members. You can create a profile and upload up to 7 photos per week. As a premium member you have access to an unlimited number of photos and many professional services. You can use the online service for a good collaboration. 500px also has its own application for iOS and Android platforms.

7. Position

Postimage is a fairly simple website that offers you free image hosting for life. Note that it is up to you to choose whether you want to create an account or not. When you upload a photo, make sure it is the right size. This site is one of the favorite options for placing images on blogs, forums and websites. In contrast to other platforms, Postimage has a simple and easy to use user interface. Even if you’re not so good at technology, you won’t have a problem uploading your favorite photos.

8. PictureShop

ImageVenue is one of the best alternatives for bloggers and forum users. This online platform allows you to organize and upload a large number of photos for sharing in individual albums. When uploading photos to ImageVenue, the image format and image quality are maintained. With ImageVenue you can impressively upload as many photos as you want. The photos will remain on the servers for a year. After a year, your photos are automatically deleted if you have not viewed them at least once. Please note, however, that the file formats for downloading are limited to JPG and JPEG.

9. Deppbox

If you want excellent cloud storage at your fingertips, Dropbox is the perfect choice. Dropbox allows you to store all types of files, including images. It can therefore be said that the platform is not exclusively designed for the storage and sharing of images. It is generally recommended to use the mobile version of the application on this platform. The version of the application is rich in features. For example, you can open, manage and download your favourite photos directly from your device. You can also view photos offline when you are not connected to the Internet.

10. ImageShack

You can create an account for free on ImageShack! They also offer a free one month trial period to familiarize yourself with the Premium features. This image hosting alternative to TinyPic has an intuitive user interface. According to many users, the user interface is very similar to that of Pinterest. In ImageShack you can download a large number of high-resolution images. You can create albums and organize everything using tags. Pretty impressive: ImageShack offers privacy options if you don’t want your photos to be made public. It also has various image management tools at its disposal!

11. Tinyimg

If you’re looking for a way to compress Shopify store images to make them smaller, TinyIMG is your best option. It should be noted that the TinyIMG application is designed with e-commerce platforms in mind. TinyIMG can automatically compress your product images so you never run out of space. The application has a built-in WebP converter with which you can convert images to WebP format.

12. FotoFunia

PhotoFunia is an excellent alternative to TinyPic. It allows you to edit your collection of animated images. When you upload your photos to the website or application, you can improve them and make them fun. On the other hand, you can take funny pictures even if you don’t have any with you. In other words: PhotoFunia has a large collection of ready-to-use images. What’s more, you can publish your edited photos directly on the main social networks.

13. Ultraimg

UltraIMG is another good alternative to TinyPic. It supports simultaneous downloading of multiple images with a maximum size of 10 MB per image. It is interesting to note that this image hosting platform supports a wide range of image formats. From JPG to PNG, you have plenty of options to save and edit your photos. On the other hand, when you create an account, you can use other advanced features. You can experience the power of link reduction and effective image reduction tools. After uploading photos, you can apply BB and HTML codes to the images.

14. Picfinity

This is an image storage and proxy site. In Pikfinity you first have to upload an image. This hosting platform supports your image forever by ensuring that the image has redundancy. If you are someone who only uploads photos to ensure their safety, Picfinity is a good choice. It only has a web interface. You will be disappointed to learn that there is no mobile version of the application.

15. Taking a picture

Imagesocket is used by thousands of designers and professional photographers. They rely on the platform of this image hosting site to edit and share photos. For those selling digital art, Imagesocket is the preferred choice. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a researcher, this image hosting platform is a must to keep your images safe.


You now have a list of 15 typical alternatives. All of the above options include many different photo sharing applications, we have included both free and paid options in our list. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, we will be happy to add them to our list.

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