7 must-have Graphic Designer apps for iPhone users

As a graphic designer you need to develop your creative potential to stay in trend and also maintain an impressive portfolio for potential clients. While laptops, desktops or at least tablets are considered the machines of choice for any graphic designer, your smartphone can come to your aid if you want to sketch or come up with ideas if you don’t have access to the main device.

As in almost all sectors, applications have been developed to meet the needs of graphic designers. In this article, we’ve listed seven of the best iOS applications for designers that work flawlessly on your iPhone.

The promoter: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd | Size : 289,7 MB price : $4,99

All creative people who work on it should absolutely use this powerful application. You can achieve excellent performance with the pressure-sensitive brushes offered in the application. With this application you can use 8k canvas, 25 layer mixing modes, 64-bit color, isometry, 2D and many other functions. Adjust brightness, hue, saturation and more in real time.

Download here the request form for Pocket Procreation

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The promoter: Yann the coroller | waist: 369,9 MB price: It’s free. Proposals for indoor purchases

Make realistic drawings with the fine brushes from this application. It’s an easy-to-use application that lets you create amazing sketches with features like a brush editor, color eraser, 20 realistic tools and more. It also supports Wacom, Adonit and Apple pens.

Download the Tayasui sketch application here

The promoter: Adobe Inc: 128 MB price : It’s free. Proposals for indoor purchases

Most readers may have heard of this application before. Adobe Draw has been replaced by two applications – Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fresco. Illustrator allows you to create symbols, illustrations, logos and graphics using a design toolbox that includes a gradient, vector, type, shape and more.

Download the Adobe Illustrator Draw application here

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The promoter: Pixite Inc: 164,2 MB price: It’s free. Proposals for indoor purchases

Create logos, symbols, illustrations and more with this powerful vector design tool. The application also offers point editing with the B├ęziers curve function. You can use 35 ready-to-use color palettes, hand-selected fonts (and you can also import your own fonts), 21 thematic form packs with over 1000 forms and much more. You can stamp, fill and shadow while creating your masterpiece. In order to facilitate the insertion of the numbers into the application, an intelligent hook system is also offered.

Download the meeting motion here

The promoter: Adobe Inc: 190.7 Mb |price: It’s free. Proposals for indoor purchases

When you get inspired to draw, you can use this cool application. It has amazing features like built-in brushes with adjustable size, opacity, color and fade settings, 8k printing, a template (that helps you draw contours), stamp curves and basic shapes, and much more. To steer your art in the right direction, you also have the possibility to use graphical grids.

Download the Adobe Photoshop Sketch application here.

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The promoter: John Parker’s waist: 32.2 Mb | price: It’s free. Proposals for indoor purchases

If you like a lot of settings and want to check your projects, you should try this application. It offers a wide range of palettes and distinctive fonts. This is a pixel art camera application that allows you to convert images and video clips. You can also create your own custom modes from four different graphics engines.

Download the Retrospecs application here

The promoter: Kanwa Pti LLC | size : 302,8 MB price : It’s free. Proposals for indoor purchases

Even if you’re not a design expert, you can be sure that you can create great projects with the Canva application. Various graphic design needs, such as birthday invitations, logo creation, Instagram history and more can be met with presets available for free on Canva. You can make drawings on a blank canvas or even use one of the 60,000 templates provided by the application.

Download the Canva application here

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