How To Create a New Gmail Account

The Gmail account is a free service from Google WebMail. Gmail is the most popular and secure webmail. Gmail was initially launched on 1. Introduced in April 2004. Gmail is owned by Google and created by Paul Buchheit.

When you create a Gmail email account, you get things you love:

  • It’s free.
  • It has excellent spam filters and keeps your inbox cleaner than any other email client.
  • It has a very generous allocation of storage space…
  • You can change your theme and the way your mailbox works (which means there is more flexibility than with any other mail client).
  • Numerous plugins and extensions are available and can be used free of charge. They help you adapt your workflow and email usage.
  • You can search directly in your inbox in Google.

To create your new Gmail account

Step one: Open in your browser. Go to the homepage of Google and click on the Gmail button.

Step two: You click on the button Create Account.

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Create a new Gmail account

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Step three: Enter your name in the first and last name field. Select the username of the email you want to use. Then create a password and enter it in the password field. Please state your date of birth, gender and phone number. Providing your phone number is mandatory to ensure the security of your account. Google will send you a verification code for your phone number.

Step four: Full phone number and CAPTCHA. This is a verification tool for a new account. Enter the answer true captcha in the text field

Step five: Indicate where you live. Please read the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please read all of Google’s terms and policies and if you agree to them, click I agree.

Step six: Click on Next Step. A new window will appear Add your photo. Click on the button Add photo.

Step six: ¬† You’ve now created your account. You can go to your Gmail dashboard and get started.

Step seven: ¬†Gmail supports 52 languages. You can change your photo after you have created an account, it’s that simple. First go to the Gmail settings and change the image, Lable Etc.

Step 8 : When you post a message, you can change the date and time. and write messages in different styles.

Step 9 : Compose and publish your text easily and securely, the Gmail application is also available on your phone. From the age of 16. December 2005 Google introduces mobile G-Mail features. Write a new message, its subject and email address, and write what you want to send.

Step 10 : When writing a new text After you have entered your email address, subject and content, you can change the formatting of the text by clicking on
1. You can change the format of the text you write to bold, underlined, italic, and so on. If you want to upload an image or video, click
2, select the location where the file exists and upload it. If you want to add a url and a context and add an emotion in a different style, click
3, if you want to delete something, click

Step 11: u When you log in to your Gmail account, a window will appear in the Finish All Settings tab.

Gmail function

1. –
2. Keyboard assemblies
3. Google Drive
4. Video chat and call
5. SMS with Gmail
6. Advanced search operators
7. Always use HTTPS
8. Concealed characters for filtering
9. Offline Gmail
10. Inbound priority
11. Using multiple accounts by providing access
12. Calls without sound
13. Preservation of reactions
14. You got the wrong bob?
15. Empty message send without memo
16. E-mail access from other online accounts
17. Mail Security Checklist

Congratulations! Your Gmail account is now ready to use. Tell us what you think. Thank you so much!


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