Nest Audio Review: Google’s New Smart Speaker

At last year’s Made by Google event, the company improved the famous mini column and included it in the nesting brand. This year, the Nest series of columns will be expanded with a new $99 column that fits exactly into the void created by the original Google column, which was published in 2016 and recently ceased to exist.

As we saw in July in Google’s teaser, the Nest Audio has a pillow shape that it should fit in almost every home. And to match your design taste, the speakers are available in a variety of colours: Chalk, charcoal, sand, air and green sage, corresponding to the 5. pixels.

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Normally a more prominent speaker should mean more sound, but the Audio Nest has not followed this standard, it has a slim profile and is therefore suitable for any part of the house. In order to maximize audio output, the high-quality drivers specially designed by Google are packed in a box that allows any sound to come out.

It is available in five different colours: Cretaceous, coal, sand, air and a brand new sage, an earth clay inspired by Google’s ongoing responsibility for the environment. The soft, rounded edges are ideal for decorating your home, and the minimal footprint takes up little space on your shelf or countertop.

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Google remains committed to sustainable development through Nest Audio. It is upholstered in an environmentally friendly fabric similar to the one introduced last year at the Nest Mini, and the bodywork is made from 70% recycled plastic.

The Audio Nest costs $99.99 and is available in the Google store. From the 15th. In October it will also be available in 21 countries in stores such as Target, Best Buy and others.

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Nest Audio is not only a normal loudspeaker, but also an intelligent loudspeaker that influences voice control, and a Google assistant for various tasks. These capabilities have grown since the beginning of Google, but the basis has never changed. You can always tell OK Google or Hey Google to turn on the speakerphone, then ask to play music or give you a weather forecast, set a timer, make a random selection, set an alarm or operate a device in the smart home.

Two new features that will greatly improve the sound of Nest Audio are Media EQ and Ambient IQ. The media screen automatically adjusts the acoustics you listen to (music, podcasts, audio books, etc.). At the same time, IQ Ambient automatically adjusts the volume based on the sound level in your home at that time.

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  • Improved bass reproduction
  • Missing parts in the middle and in triplicate
  • Very good for recording voice commands.

The sound quality seems to be Google’s main goal with Nest Audio. According to Google, Nest Audio is 75% louder and has 50% more bass than Google Home. This may be true, but it cannot be said to provide the desired sound quality.

Honestly, Nest Audio sounds great, especially if you listen to simple pop music like Dagny’s Somebody or Weekend’s Blinding Lights. Well, such tracks play pretty well, and the bass is definitely there and provides a solid base without stress.

Image Source: Tom’s Guide

However, it is important to note that a comparison with a small, portable JBL Flip 5 shows that it can deliver much lower frequencies, and we don’t understand why Google couldn’t deliver more frequencies from the bottom of its new speaker.

More complex melodies seem to be more difficult for the speaker, and another amazing thing is that it’s not the bass that disappoints. What is even more disappointing is that the high frequencies don’t have the brightness we expected, which means that the sound scene is somehow muted.

The highs and mids also lack detail, and when listening to classical music like Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon, voices don’t really get the attention they need, while the lows and mids hide a little space and detail.

However, the missing high frequencies can be restored somewhat by increasing this setting in the Google application, but there are no settings for the averages, so you won’t get much out of the missing details.

Increasing the volume also shifts the balance slightly to the high frequencies, but causes another problem: the sound becomes sharp and loud.

In fact, the overall sound quality does not cause any unpleasant sensations and Honeycomb ensures a pleasant listening experience at moderate volume.

Image Source: Android headquarters

But as an intelligent speaker, the Audio Nest works perfectly. The vocal assistant is clear and bright and can be heard when you are not even close to the speaker. What’s more, the three microphones picked up the voices perfectly, both in the loud music and in the other sounds in the room.

Nest Audio is a handy recommendation for the Google Assistant Smart Speaker. It is also pleasant to listen to and it adapts efficiently and appropriately to different places in the house. The advantage of Google Nest Audio is that it can be extended to a pair of stereos or a multiroom configuration with other Nest speakers and smart displays.

You can certainly pay more for better sound quality. Moreover, the possibilities of the Nest Audio limited in terms of volume and presence.

But the Nest Audio makes it more interesting in combination with an affordable price and good sound quality, sufficient volume for most and a small number of common ailments. If you are firmly rooted in the Ecosystem Assistant, this year’s speaker will be the one who will be received.

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