New Zoom Features Tackle Meeting Disruptions

With the extension of the weekend, we have introduced two new features aimed at solving problems related to the session breaks.

The videoconferencing platform faced many setbacks in 2020 after many security problems were identified in the context of the global acceptance of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, federal regulators say the company misleads users about compliance with safety regulations.

Over the past year, Zoom has significantly stepped up its efforts to improve the security of video communications and the new features introduced are the final step in this direction.

With these new additions, the zoom feature makes it easier to remove and report participants who disrupt a meeting and is designed to prevent a meeting from crashing before it actually takes place.

During a zoom session, hosts and co-hosts can now suspend sessions to remove participants who cannot recover. The new Pause Participant Activity option is available under the security icon, which allows you to pause all video and audio activities, chat in meetings, take notes, share and record the screen, and close the restroom.

Hosts or co-hosts can report any user in the session and provide full details and an optional screenshot, which automatically removes the reported user from the session.

The moderator/facilitator can then continue the session by individually activating the functions he or she wishes to use. De Zoom will send you more information about the incident by e-mail.

Zoom has also announced that the new feature for suspending subscription activities will be enabled by default for all free and paid Zoom users.

These new features now allow meeting participants to report subversive users directly from the zoom client with the security icon in the top left corner.

Account holders and administrators now have the ability to enable reports for non-tenants via web settings.

New features are available in Zoom desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux, and in Zoom mobile applications. Web client and SCI support is planned for the end of this year.

Zoom also shows that a new tool introduced this autumn makes it possible to identify Zoom data links that can be made available to the public. The At-Risk Meeting Notification is intended to identify potentially disruptive meetings and inform the account holder by e-mail.

Recommended actions are deleting a meeting and creating another meeting with a new ID, setting up security or switching to another zoom solution such as B. Video Zoom or OnZoom webinars.

When you receive an email, it is very important to take action or risk disrupting your meeting. As a reminder: One of the best ways to secure your Zoom meeting is never to share your username or password for the meeting on a public forum, including social media, explains Zoom.

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